In the beginning ........

Posted by Doug Morton on Monday, 03 January 2011

We're all about new beginnings.  This is a new website, in a new year, part of a new venture.

I've been pointing my camera at all kinds of things around me.  Birds, flowers, landscapes, animals, and sometimes even people.  I said on my home page that I'll be presenting to you this part of Africa that is my home.

This is the beginning of that odyssey that has a destination but no end.  I can think of no better image to share with you in this initial entry than a portrait of the Blue Crane, national bird of South Africa

So come along and feast your eyes on the things around you that you may not have seen before.


Seagulls - The Blue Crane is a very proud looking bird.  He is beautiful too, and he must be a he.  I have it on good authority that all good looking creatures in this world are male.  The female is the less visually attractive. My only offering on the bird front is seagulls.  I was walking over London Bridge early yesterday morning and I can't remember seeing so many seagulls sitting on the railings along the Bridge.  There was also one seagull sitting high on one of the lamp posts.  I contemplated trying to take a picture of the railing seagulls, or trying to capture them flying and diving with the beautiful sunrise and Tower Bridge in the background but my little Nokia phone would not have come close to doing them justice. But, it's a new year with new resolutions.  I am going to take at least one great shot this year.  I must.

By: Blondie on January 3, 2011

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