All images contained in the galleries are available as prints and can be ordered by contacting the appropriate gallery holder.

Prints can be ordered as rolled canvas prints, and to any size required up to A0 (1189mm x 841mm.) Some images, however, have maximum print sizes smaller than A0, and the purchaser needs to verify the availability of the print size required. For details of papers and materials contact us at deldes@mweb.co.za

Most images are available as cards ranging in size from D6 (152mm x 110mm) to A5 (210mm x 149mm.) The cards are mounted on 2mm backing board and will have a single mount board in either black or white, and will be supplied in cellophane sleeves.

D6 cards can also be ordered as greeting cards and will be supplied folded, with an envelope, both in a cellophane sleeve. All card interiors are blank leaving the purchaser the entire inside surface of the card for a written message or greeting.

Selected images are available as bookmarks which are single-leaf, 200mm x 60mm, printed on one side only. The bookmarks are supplied with a tied leather thong and are packaged in cellophane sleeves.

All printing is undertaken by PMB Drawing & Survey Centre in Pietermaritzburg or Fotomax in Durban and will be shipped via Time Freight to the purchaser. Postage charges include packaging and insurance.